California Poppies
California Poppies


It’s spring again and I am totally thrilled to see the abundant flowering plants and shrubs in my own yard.  I haven’t made the trek to the desert this year – in a lean season for rain, there wildflower reports never tempted me out that way – but enjoying the flowers right here at home has been delightful.

It’s been especially good for California poppies, and I have relished them daily!

yard flowers

A number of years ago I decided that growing a lawn in Southern California was an absurd waste of time and water and having a “stone” landscape was not exciting in my view.  I changed to a native landscape that would thrive on low water and low maintenance.  Little did I know how much pleasure I would take in having these natives close by!  Here are a few recent snapshots of my little piece of paradise this spring.




Perhaps one day I will paint it, but for now, it inspires joy in my heart and fuels me through other projects.  IMG_2400


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