Floral Gallery

In a variety of mediums

Desert Gardens Beavertail
Prickly Pear, soft pastel
Hedgehog Bloom, soft pastel
Claret Cup, etching
Whirligig, Relief print
Cactus Flower, monotype, SOLD
Two Cactus Flowers, soft pastel
Lotus Blossom, monotype
Agave at Sunset, pastel
Orchid #2,, oil pastel
Golden Prickly Pear, monotype
Orchid #3, oil pastel
Dallas Cactus Blossom
Fish Hook in Blossom, Monotype
Fish Hook in Blossom, Monotype
After the Rain, oil pastel
Orchid, Etching
Orchid #4, watercolor monotype
Rose, etching
Sunflowers, monotype
Sunflower, hand-colored etching
African Daisy, Hand Colored Etching
Narcissus, Hand Colored Etching
Lily, Hand Colored Etching
Hyacinth, Hand Colored Etching
Iris, hand-colored etching
Tulip, hand-colored etching
Rose, Hand Colored Etching
Dahlia, Hand Colored Etching