Cuyamaca Sycamore, Watercolor
Cuyamaca Sycamore, Watercolor, © 2012 by Julianne Ricksecker (in private collection)

It has taken me a long time to decide that blogging is something I should be doing as an artist!   Now that the page is built on my website, and I am looking at the blank page, my feelings are a little like they were, years ago, when construction was complete on my studio and I sat in the new room for the first time with no more excuses for not beginning new work.

Lots of questions go through my mind: will I have enough interesting things to say that people will want to read my blog?  Will anything I have to say matter to anyone but me?  Will my inspiration desert me after a day, a week, a month?

In those days, I had some experience with showing and selling art, so there was at least some historical evidence to support the idea that I deserved this wonderful new work space, and that I could sustain production of art to justify the expense.  I have no such historical evidence with creating blog posts!

Since that time, I have produced hundreds of pieces of art, many of them winning prizes in local, regional and even international art competition. I suspect the “blank page” syndrome that is still occasionally difficult to overcome in the creation of new art may be similar in the creation of new blogs.  Perhaps I will overcome it in much the same way:

Go in to the studio (or WordPress) and play today.  No one has to see what I am doing unless I decide to let them.  Learn from each attempt, even if I don’t end up with a piece worth signing and showing to the world. One day, I will feel more confident that what I have to say about my art and other topics will interest a few people. Until then, I can play with words and see where it leads!

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