Original Printmaking:


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Eroded sandstone bluffs on wet sandy beach with darker tracings in the sand from the interference in water flow by beach objects
Tidal Traces, etching, soft ground etching



Pelicans' Posts are the remnants of a washed out pier in the Atlantic ocean on which Pelicans roost to sun and groom
Pelicans’ Posts, soft ground etching



Etching of Torrey Pine Trees silhouetted against gathering grey clouds. Printed in browns and greys.
Lowering Sky, Torrey Pines, etching


An etching of eroded sandstone cliffes with Torrey pinetree lening out and reaching for the sky
Torrey Pines Reaching, etching



Etching os torrey pine trees silhouetted against sunset colors in the sky, Foreground hills in deep purple.
Sundown, Torrey Pines, etching
Etching depicting rough rock hewn stairs climbing up along orange sandstone formations with green chapparel and torrey pine trees
Persist With Hope, etching


Streambed appearing brown and sienna in dappled sunlight with rough dirt steps formed of tree roots climbing to oak grove
Ramble on Rocks and Roots, etching
A Little Further, etching
Sunflower, hand-colored etching


Mission Trails Oak, etching
Oak, Marion Bear Park, etching

Flat Rock, Torrey Pines, etching

Squall on the Desert, etching


Torrey Pines, Yucca Point, etching
San Clemente Oak, etching
Twilight, etching
Cuyamaca Oak, etching


Claret Cup, etching
Cannon Beach, etching and aquatint
Torrey Pine #1
Torrey Pines Road
Twisted Ttree, etching




Torrey Pine #8, steel plate etching
Harris Beach Oregon, etching


Torrey Pines Golden Hour, etching


Carrizo Badlands, etching
Gold Dusk, etching


Resting on Razor Point Trail, etching


Nest of Egrets, etching
Coast Walk, hand colored etching
Late Winter, etching
Last Light, etching
Balboa Park, etching
Foggy Day Yosemite Valley, soft ground etching


MacKerricher Beach, etching
Rose, etching
Orchid, Etching
Discovery, etching
La Jolla #2, etching
DeBordieu Beach, etching
Burnt Pine, etching


Kumeyaay Lake. etching
Indian Head, etching
River Bend With Half Dome, 2-pate etching
Egret, etching
Red Rock Falls, etching
Tueeulala Falls
Tueeulala Falls, etching,
Torrey Pine #7, drypoint on soft steel
Thistle, etching
Lion, drypoint on plexigl
Lake Cuyamaca, etching
Yosemite Falls, etching
Big Sur River, etching
Morning Mist, aquatint
Bridalveil Creek, etching
Cascade Creek Falls, white ground etching
Image of Yosemite Valley with El Capitan, Bridalveil Falls and Half Dome visible. Image is an etching printed in multiple colors.
Yosemite Valley View, etching
El Capitan II, etching
Cerocahui Mission, etching
Morro Rock, etching and aquatint
Dunes, etching
Clouds at Kumeyaay, etching
Hidden Lake, etching
Big Sur in November, etching
California Gold, etching and aquatint
Tamarack Creek, etching
Coyote Canyon, etching
Palm Canyon Falls, etching
Beartrap Falls, etching
Virgin River, etching
Yosemite Falls, etching
Timelines, etching
Grand Canyon, etching
Dome from Olmsted Point, etchi
Etching printed in orange, pink and brown tones to show the sandstone formations of Zion Canyon against a deep blue sky.
Zion Canyon, etching
Kolob Arch, etching
Temple at Gora, etching
Temple Bell, etching
Surging Surf, White ground etching
Torii in Yokohama, etching
Torii in Shimoda, etching
Gulls in La Jolla, etching


around the Moon, etching


Mata Hakone, etching and aquatint


Sagami wan, etching



Lotus_ and Pampas, triple intaglio etching


Dahlia, Hand Colored Etching
Rose, Hand Colored Etching
Tulip, hand-colored etching
Hyacinth, Hand Colored Etching
Lily, Hand Colored Etching
Iris, hand-colored etching
Narcissus, Hand Colored Etching
African Daisy, Hand Colored Etching