Original Printmaking:


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An original print where the plate is made of collaged (glued) materials. Resulting image may be printed as intaglio or relief, or a combination of the two.

In some cases, the surface texture is created entirely of actylic medium, or the medium may be enhanced with sand to hold ink in the manner of an aqquatint.  Fabric,  paper or plant materials may be glued to the plate to create textures that will hold ink. Gloss and matte varnishes help control the polish of the completed plate, giving more control over how the ink will wipe.

Solitude, Collagraph
Mists of Big Sur, collagraph



Torrey Pine #10, collagraph
The Bluffs, collagraph
El Capitan, collagraph


Power and Strength, collagraph


Torrey Pine #11, collagraph


La Jolla Coast, collagraph
Passions Will Part to a Strange Melody, collagraph


On the Threshhold of a Dream, collagraph
Healing and Peace in Midnight Abide, collagraph (silk mezzotint)
Circe, collagraph