Pastel and drawing

Soft pastel, oil pastel, drawing (color pencil, pen and ink, graphite)

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Says end is a soft pastel painting of the streaky grey and orange clouds over the Pacific at sunset with the deep blue of the waves and the sand as a rich dark forground
Day’s End, Soft Pastel
Vivid orange clouds neaqr sunset over dark brown sillhouette of palm trees and rocky cliffs at the beach in La Jolla California
Evening, Casa Beack, soft pastel painting
Peace at Sunset, soft pastel


Wild Sweet Peas 2, soft pastel


Wild Sweet Peas 1, soft pastel
Beach After the Rain, soft pastel
Trailside Jewels, spft pastel
Leaning Tree, Oak Canyon, soft pastel
Torrey Pines Late Afternoon, soft pastel SOLD
North Bluff, soft pastel
Soft Carolina Morning, soft pastel
Desert Gardens Beavertail, soft pastel
Prickly Pear, soft pastel
Hedgehog Bloom, soft pastel
Desert Aglow, pastel
Brilliant Bloom, soft pastel
Borrego Brillaince, pastel
Profusion of Poppies, pastel
Desert Dance, soft pastel
Desert Purple Mat, pastel
Torrey Pines Aligned
Torrey Pines Aligned, pastel
Torrey Pine #5, pastel



Torrey Pine #4, pastel
Oak’s Embrace, soft pastel, SOLD



Old Oak, soft pastel
Dryad Rendezvous, soft pastel
Torrey Pines Bluffs, soft pastel
Near Broken Hill, soft pastel


Razor Point Trail, soft pastel
Coast Walk Rest, soft pastel



Agave at Sunset, pastel
Santee in September, soft pastel plein air painting
Dyar Spring Trail, Autumn, pastel
Cuyamaca Hillside, soft pastel
Desert Trail in Spring, pastel
Lupine in Coyote Canyon, soft pastel
Arch Rock, soft pastel
March Afternoon, MacKerricher Beach, soft pastel
Big Sur Rocks, soft pastel
Moonstone Beach, soft pastel
Pfeiffer Beach, Sand and Stone, soft pastel
Desert Spring, soft pastel
Pfeiffer Falls, soft pastel
Harper Creek Trail, pastel
Partington Creek, soft pastel
Siesta Lake,, soft pastel
Yosemite Valley, May 2005, soft pastel
Tuolumne Meadows, pastel
Snow on Cuyamaca, soft pastel
Moon Lily, pastel
Palm Canyon Palm, pastel

Oil PasteL



After the Rain, oil pastel
La Jolla Tide Pools, oil pastel
Orchid #2,, oil pastel



Sacred Dancing Cascades, oil pastel
Orchid #3, oil pastel



South Fork of the Merced, oil pastel




Merced River, October, colored pencil
Brookings, Oregon, colored pencil