Flourishing, collagraph, relief and intaglio print


Collagraph, Relief and Intaglio Print
6.5″ X 6.5″ image size
©1983, Julianne B. Ricksecker

Edition size: 25
Hand-printed by the artist 
on German Etching paper

Framed $175.00
(Black Neilson aluminum frame with white museum mat.)

Unframed $125.00

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I call this technique “relief and intaglio print”. It results in a somewhat variable final print. The plate is known as collagraph, meaning that the plate is a collage. The plate is a piece of rag mat board. After sealing the board with Gesso, a compound called Shoe Goo was applied and manipulated with a popsicle stick to resemble a flower.  Some areas were carved with an exacto knife. Gloss medium was applied where light tones weere desired.  The plate is wiped by hand in the usual intaglio manner. A second and third color are applied and removed with rollers of different durometer, the second color being applied with a soft roller, and a harder roller used to remove some of that color. Next the third color is applied with the harder roller, and a still harder roller is used to remove color from the highlights points on the plate. The inked plate is printed on damp paper on an etching press.