Passions Will Part to a Strange Melody, collagraph

This image is an example of a collagraph made by building up layers of acrylic mediums and sand on a piece of cardboard.  Printing is done in one pass through the press.  

I call the printing technique relief and intaglio.  Colors are applied by wiping the first color in the usual intaglio manner (in this case, blue.) Subsequent colors are applied and removed with rollers of differing durometer (range of hard to soft). Editions for this technique can be quite variable.

First Place Award, 

San Diego Print Club
Member Show
San Diego, California, 1983

Passions Will Part to a Strange Melody

Collagraph, relief and intaglio
6.25″ X 6.5″ image size
©1983, Julianne B. Ricksecker

Edition size: 20
Hand-printed by the artist
on German Etch

Framed: $195.00
Unframed $145.00

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