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Black and white original print collagraph of a nude woman reclining

I call this technique Silk Collagraph. (I have seen others call it "silk mezzotint".) The plate is made of mat board - a leftover piece cut out when framing another piece. Silk screen fabric was glued to the surface and sealed with acrylic gesso. in a series of layers painted with the gesso, the mesh of the fabric was filled until it produced a variety of tones, depending on the amount of mesh still available to hold ink. Think of it this way - areas with no layers of acrylic print a rich black. Areas with a lot of acrylic wipe clean and print white. Plate is inked and printed in the same manner as an etching.

Healing and Peace in Midnight Abide


Silk Collagraph 
13.75" X 11.5"" image size
1984, Julianne B. Ricksecker

Edition size: 25
Hand-printed by the artist
on German Etch

(Black Neilson aluminum frame with white museum mat.)

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